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Shop our biggest Black Friday sale ever!  

This year’s sale is a big one offering 40% OFF ALL TERRY FOX T-SHIRTS + FREE SHIPPING! We will also be offering a Vintage Shirt Surprise Pack on all orders over $100! As these are a special surprise pack of rare, collectible Terry Fox Run vintage T-shirts in an assortment of styles and sizes, we are unable to accept exchanges and all sales are final.

The 2022 shirt was designed by Canadian artist Douglas Coupland in collaboration with the Fox Family, the shirt features a dot-screened portrait of Terry and the words ‘I’m Not a Quitter’ printed on the sleeve or back. 

The new shirt embodies Terry’s fierce determination and ‘no quit’ attitude, perfectly captured in his quote from 1980, “Nobody is ever going to call me a quitter.” All merchandise sales add to your school’s fundraising total and support cancer research.

This order form is to be used by School Run Organizers. If you are a student or parent wishing to place an order, please ask your School Run Organizer to include your t-shirt(s) request in a school bulk order to be submitted by them.

Please compile and enter the total of each size/item into this order form to submit your bulk order.

To help you collect student t-shirt orders, click to download a student order form. Once you have collected your total count sizes, proceed with entering this online order form. We strive to process orders same day for the quickest delivery possible via Purolator. Please allow extra time for remote school locations that may ship by Canada Post. (Shipments include invoice with instructions for cheque or credit card payments).

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School Merchandise Orders FAQs

  • How do we pay for merchandise orders?
    You will be invoiced by email for your merchandise. Payment for the merchandise can be made via mail (cheque), or by credit card (telephone) 1 888 836 9786.
  • Are my Schools’s merchandise sales included in our total fundraising amount?
    Yes, the full amount of your merchandise sales is added to your School’s total fundraising amount as proceeds from your purchases also support cancer research.
  • Are there discounts for bulk orders?
    No, all prices are firm as listed, regardless of the amount ordered.
  • Are there any extra costs charged per item?
    No, we do not charge for shipping or add any tax. However, we do ask that you try to consolidate multiple orders so that we can save on our shipping costs.
  • How do I submit my School order?
    Simply submit the form above after you have filled in all the applicable fields. Or you can call us directly at 1 888 836-9786 and we’ll complete the order for you.
  • We ordered too much. Can I return some items?
  • All school merchandise orders are non-returnable and you must pay for every item ordered. The sizing dimensions are listed on this form in each size column to help you order the correct size. 
  • What percentage of merchandise sales goes to cancer research?
    75% of the price of every item sold benefits cancer research.