We’re Here to Help You Plan Your Event! 

Follow along on this quick webinar to help you with the basic steps of planning a Terry Fox School Run and how to fundraise. You’ll learn quick tips and tricks to help you customize your event to your school.

Included in the Webinar

Fundraising Flow
A quick overview of how your fundraising supports cancer research! 

School Run Toolkits
The tools we offer to help make your Run a success!

Setting a Goal
Give your students a goal to run towards! 

Online Fundraising
Putting your fundraising link into action! 

Promoting Your Run
On your mark… Get set… Go pump up your students for Run Day! 

Terry T-Shirts and Try Like Terry Challenge
Additional resources and tips for having fun while fundraising! 

School Run Day!
Happy Terry Fox School Run Day! 

Post Run Day! 
Wrapping up another successful campaign year!